"Were they dead when you hired them... or did you kill them?" 💀

During our PI trainings, we focus a lot on self-awareness and how important it is. In connection with this, we often quote W. Edwards Deming and Peter Scholtes. They discussed deadwood in an organization. You know the employee who is a bit like a dead fish who just goes with the flow and who is neither particularly engaged nor motivated.

This is where self-awareness comes in. When a new employee shows up at the office on their first day, they are usually always engaged, motivated and ready to contribute. But when time passes something happens along the way that changes this.

Then it's time to have a look inwards - what in the organization, the role, the team or in myself as a leader could affect this? 
PI can help with the following:
💡 Increase managers self-awareness
💡 Increase awareness of the employees' needs 
💡 Provide objective information about the objective requirements of the role (preferably before we recruit) 
💡 Help team gain an understanding of each other and what they need to achieve 
If we work with the above, our chances of keeping our employees motivated and engaged increase!



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