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Boosting Team Performance with Team Discovery

Numerous teams face challenges when it comes to achieving their objectives and fulfilling expectations, especially in the current challenging business environment. More often than not, the team members' inadequate performance is not due to their lack of skills, but a result of the absence of trust among them or misalignment regarding their strategic priorities.

An outstanding team is one that is efficient and engaged, with mutual trust, comprehension of each other's distinctions, strengths, and limitations, and a definite sense of direction. But how can you get there? Below you will find four important questions to think over if your team is struggling with achieving objectives.

Team Discovery uses science-backed technology to gather critical people data and map this data against your business strategy.

Team Discovery provides you with the tools you need to facilitate a workshop for your team, focusing on establishing an understanding of each team member’s motivations and work style to uncover the group’s specific “Team Type”. By understanding the group’s collective working style, strengths, and blind spots, you will leave with a clear action plan to be better together as a team.


The PI System offers a module called Design - Team Discovery, which facilitates team development. This tool enables you to identify the team's natural strengths and challenges and collaborate on strategies that will lead to increased their performance and results.

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_DSC9364-Verbessert-RR copyThere are endless things we can talk about and discuss when it comes to team development. Let's start with the basic questions:

1. Why invest in team development?

Team development is an important process for improving performance within an organization. By working together in strong teams, organizations can achieve better results and more efficient work processes. However, for a team to function at its best, it needs to continuously develop. This includes increasing collaboration, improving communication, and building trust among team members.

2. What characterizes a well-functioning team?

A well-functioning team is characterized by several factors. Firstly, there should be a shared vision and clear goals that all team members strive towards. If everyone on the team shares the same goal, it is more likely for it to be successful. It is also important to have a high degree of trust and respect among team members. Furthermore, all team members should have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. There should also be open communication where everyone feels comfortable and welcome to express their opinions and suggestions freely. 

3. What is important for a team to function?

One of the cornerstones of a well-functioning team is an understanding of each team member, their differences, similarities, and what everyone contributes to the team. An open and constructive feedback culture where everyone can receive feedback on their work and contribute to improving the team's performance is also important. The team also needs a well-defined work process and clear rules for decision-making and conflict resolution. Having a shared understanding of the team's goals and what is expected of each team member is also important for maintaining high motivation and engagement.

4. How do you create effective teams?

To create effective teams, it is therefore beneficial to start by fostering a sense of community, trust, and understanding among team members. Once that is in place, you should set clear goals and create a shared vision for the team. It is also crucial to carefully select team members based on their skills, experiences, and personalities in line with the team's goals and vision. Working to create a welcoming and inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected and encouraged to contribute is essential. By investing in team development and offering training and workshops, you can also promote collaboration and communication among team members.

Create awareness and alignment in your teams

Team Discovery is a talent optimization tool designed to guide you in setting the course for any team, identifying and addressing obstacles, and developing a clear path to enhance communication and accountability, allowing the team to reach their goals. Facilitate a workshop for your team where you look at the individuals on the team, the relationships between them, the team in relation to the tasks that need to be executed, and lastly where you should go from there. Attendees will learn how to “stretch” their skillset, so they can refocus their daily priorities to best serve the goals at hand. You’ll create a clear action plan on how to deliver on the proposed objectives with renewed confidence.

You can facilitate the team workshop yourself internally in your organization, or us at Predictio would gladly help you by being the ones to facilitate your next team workshop!

Through four focus areas, Team Discovery will help you create awareness and alignment so you can build true Dream Teams that are engaged, empowered and deliver great results:

Individuals in the team

Deeper self-awareness about how the individual's strengths and cautions relate to the others in the team

Relationships between individuals in the team

Understanding of how similarities and differences affect both relationships and situations. 

The team in relation to the tasks that need to be executed

Visualization of how individuals and the team as a whole realte to strategic objectives to increase consensus about the way forward.


Get concrete recommendations for how the team should use their strengths and m,manage their challenges to deliver results


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Predictio will of course help you every step of the way with free webinars, train-the-trainer workshops, or with facilitating your upcoming team workshop !