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Use of assessment for leadership and engagement

Engaging, inspiring and ensuring that employees have the right conditions to be able to perform is one of the most important tasks of leaders. An important task, but not always so simple.

We offer a solution that, with the help of PI's assessments, gives you tools that help you understand what really drives your employees, as well as how your leaders can use that knowledge to support, develop, and lead their employees and teams. The part of the PI solution that focuses on this is called Inspire and consists of powerful tools that HR and leaders can use to increase employee motivation, commitment, and productivity.

In addition to the tools, Predictio also offers you the training, support and insights you need to motivate and create an agile organization that is ready to meet the needs of the future.

The solution helps

  • Develop leaders by helping them understand their strengths, caution areas and how to improve in their role.
  • Support managers in engaging their team by tailoring their leadership style to fit the needs of all their employees—not just the ones that think and act like them.
  • Make sure you have the right team in place at the right time to achieve great results.
  • Handle change effectively always considering the people side.

PI Inspire can be used on 4 levels

Inspire - Individual

Inspire your employees and keep them motivated and engaged.

Inspire - Leader

Discover if your leadership style maximizes your employees' potential.

Inspire - Team

Does your team require improvement in communication and decision-making?

Inspire - Organization

Ensure that your entire organization performs at their best to achieve success in their respective roles.


Inspire provides you with several personal behavioral guides that give you insights into how to work with and understand each other at different levels of your organization.


It is important to work with individuals in your organization to understand their unique needs, behavioral styles, and motivators. By gaining a deeper understanding of each individual, leaders can tailor communication, development plans, and reward systems to meet their needs and maximize their motivation. When employees feel seen, understood, and supported in their work environment, their engagement and performance increase.


Leadership plays a crucial role in creating a positive work environment and in increasing employee motivation and engagement. By working with leadership within your organization, you can develop leaders who are aware of their own behavioral style as well as their strengths and challenges. This enables them to adapt their leadership and create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. When leaders are skilled at motivating and supporting their employees, they thrive and perform at their best level.


A well-functioning team is essential for increasing productivity, fostering collaboration and creating a positive work culture. By working at the team level, you can analyze the behavioral styles of team members and create balanced and complementary teams. By understanding each individual's strengths and contributions to the team, you can promote collaboration and increase efficiency. When employees feel like part of a strong team, their motivation and engagement to achieve common goals increase.


By working with The Predictive Index at individual, leader and team level, as well as on the organizational level, you can create a work environment where employees thrive, are motivated, and engaged. By understanding and meeting employees' individual needs, developing effective leadership styles, fostering collaboration, and creating a strong corporate culture, you can optimize employees' motivation and engagement. The Predictive Index provides you with the tools and insights to take your work with motivation and engagement to the next level.

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