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Our performance management tool that supports managers, improves their responsibilities, and helps them engage their employees every day.
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Develop managers into leaders with PI Perform

Being a manager has never been harder. Most managers try balancing too many employees in too many places, with too little time over to prioritize personal development. PI Perform is a tool that helps managers and leaders with coaching their employees, advocates scheduling of regular individual meetings, offers an overview of employees’ work. At the same time providing daily insights that encourage leaders to give better feedback for making their employees feel supported and seen. 

Think about the impact this would have on engagement, performance, retention, and the culture in your organization! 

PI Perform collects personal development goals, reviews, feedback in your daily work, meeting agendas, and task management - all in the same place so that the whole organization can consistently work towards the same goals. 

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Maximize productivity and minimize time spent on navigating different tools

According to Harvard Business Review, teams waste 9% of their yearly working hours on jumping between apps.

Thanks to all the possible integrations with PI Perform, you easily unite your projects (and your teams) between tools. Construct an agenda, create working tasks, share Kudos, and more from all your current favorite platforms such as Slack, Zoom, and MS Teams. This way no one misses a single step! 

Contact us for more information and possible integrations with PI Perform! 

Develop managers and provide them with the tools needed to become great leaders

  • Personal 1:1’s: Behavioral insights for the person you are meeting with, as well as direct access to your Relationship Guide and their PI Profile.
  • Goal Tracking: Clear goals for managers to be aware of when and where to provide the right support.
  • Coaching tools for managers: Provide kudos, comments, 360s, direct feedback, and goals. 


Consistently drive engagement and performance with a best-practice system for daily use

  • Kudos/Feedback: With the help of FeedbackAI, you can write and manage better performance reviews - also useful in order to recognize each employee in a way that is significant to them.
  • Platform for group meetings: In one page made for you team, you can promote collaboration through collecting team input for meeting agendas, receive automated meeting summaries, notify members of new discussion topics and action items, and more!
  • Integrations: Perform simply integrates with the tools you already use - Zoom, Slack, Teams and Jira to simplify your day. 


Hold each other accountable and align your teams around what’s most important

  • Meeting Mode: With the help of the integration with Zoom, it is easier to assign action items, take notes, and complete discussion topics to keep meetings on track and productive
  • OKR Tracking: Help employees see how their tasks fit into the bigger picture through tying together everyday actions to business goals.
  • Dashboard: Through this feature, managers can get an overview that can readily identify gaps and emerging trends in people management. 

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Are you curious about PI Perfrom and want to know more? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We gladly help you along the way.

Please note that PI Diagnose is only available in English for the time being.