Our Clients

We are incredibly proud of all our great clients. They help us develop and get better every day. We cooperate with both large international organization’s and small and medium sized companies and municipalities.

Below you can see some of our fantastic clients and what they say about working with Predictio and PI.

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Client Reviews

“Trelleborg Industrial Solutions has been using PI for the past 3 years both in our recruitment process as well as for team development, self- and leader development.

The PI Solution gives us so much insight while at the same time being very user friendly, both from an individual perspective as well as from an organizational one.

It provides us with an internal common “language” when speaking about our individual motivational factors, and how we can best support each other. It has also proven to be a very useful in our diversity journey, limiting unconscious bias in both internal promotion as well as external recruitment processes by using the Job Profile to match the right person to the right job.

Predictio is a valued partner for us adding expertise when we need it, and always there to support and help.

 Happy to give additional insights if desired.”

Sara Milesson , VP HR

“Boozt Group is using PI for recruitment, team development, self- and leader development. We like the assessment tools as they are easy to use but still give a very deep understanding and insights. We can highly recommend PI and Predictio has been extremely helpful and highly skilled in trainings and onboarding into the PI system and logic”

Sandra Joy Sahlertz , CHRO

”Surprised of the outcome of PI considering the small amount of time it requires from a candidate. Can't remember seeing a similar test before!”

Charlott Kreuger, HR BP

“Predictive index is a fantastic tool for creating a common language talking about drives and motivation. We use it in the Nordics in recruitment as well as team development and leadership development. A seemingly simple tool that provides depth in the discussion with incredibly important insights into the development of both individuals and teams.”

Lisa Åkerström, HR BP
“I was introduced to the PI tool in 2020 and has ever since been using it as must-have-tools when doing recruitments, coaching sessions, as well as team development activities. The tool is an absolutely great complement in HR and culture related processes as it give accurate and actionable insights and enables fact based discussions. Completing the team discovery part in the management team, as well as in my leadership team with my direct reports has strengthen our collaboration as we know each other better, and we can be even more observant on our blind spots and develop our strengths as a team. I will warmly recommend the PI tool as a value adding instrument for organizations that want to develop their teams and themselves and are driven by a performance culture.”
Charlotta Persfell, Chief Marketing Officer

“PI® is the right instrument for us in relation to recruitment and team development. We use PI within the PMC Group as a complement for discussions in all our recruitments. PI’s advantage is that it is quick and gives this extra input we need to confirm our view of the candidate at the interview. As an experienced PI analyst you can also give the candidate immediate feedback which is easy to relate to both for the candidates and the manager.

We also use PI for team development where we look at the teams overall PI and the teams strengths and weaknesses as a whole. We also work with each specific persons PI  in order to identify where there are potentials for conflicts or for optimizing each team members strengths to get a better effect of the entire group.”

Fia Göransson, Vice President HR
PMC Group
”Catena is an efficient organization with individuals who have great experience and competence, we work continuously to refine the team building. Through cooperation with Predictio, we have gained a better understanding of how we can take advantage of our differences and in a structured way develop communication and forms of cooperation to drive Catena forward.”

Malin Nissen,  HR Chef


PI is a great tool that can be such a big support to businesses. It will make such an impact with recruitment, development and retention.


Lucy Clevett, P&C Co-worker relations


Participated in a Drive Results with Talent – PI Training

Din Elon Butik

"I use PI as a natural part of my daily business.

With the help of PI, I can now adapt my communication as optimally as possible both in writing, but preferably in speech. This has reduced misunderstandings and created "shortcuts" in communication with my store managers and salespeople.

We work closely in small groups and therefore the composition of the group is hugely important. I would also like to state that the understanding of the employee's characteristics is the most important knowledge for the store manager.

In recruitment and development interviews, PI is an important factor to get a little more science behind the "gut feeling"."

Daniel Erlandsson, VD – Din Elon Butik


Client Reviews - PI Training

”So wish i had this information and training earlier in my career!”
Jared  Pratt, VP - Sales & Business Development
Epiroc USA LLC
“It is a fantastic course I can highly recommend for all different types of development of people and teams.”
Zuzana Jancovicova, HR Business Partner
Husqvarna Division
“A great certification training that gave me valuable insights, tools and ideas that I can start using and implementing directly.”
Miriam Chakir, HR Manager
”A great interactive workshop, hosted by knowledgable practioners who brought the learning and analysis to life. Cannot wait to bring PI further into our organization and use the great toolkits learned.”
Jeanine Førland, HR BP
Leica Geosystems AB
”Life changing, there is so much I can do with PI, super excited to use in my organization!”
Fatima Santiago – HR BP
HID Global Corporation 
“Thank you for two fantastic days! I was really surprised how deep PI really was and I look forward to using it in my future recruitments.”

Cheri Heijkenskjöld



”The 2-day training exceeded my expectations. There are many areas in which the PI Assessment can be applied and benefit the organisation and its people. ”

Natascha Katzwinkel, Recruiter

IKEA Switzerland


“I came to the Training to learn something about recruitment. I leave the room with inspiration about Culture, Teamwork and Manager relation! It gave me the overall picture.”
Jana Cristin Petersen, Global Talent Specialist
Husqvarna Group

”Hands-on training that can be applied from day one in recrutiments, development of teams and individuals and culture building to boost business performance and employee engagement”


Samuel Dalén, COO
AB Gustaf Kährs
Participated in a Drive Results with Talent – PI Training