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Case Study

Create a Great Feedback Culture


Husqvarna Group was founded in 1689 and is today a global leading producer of outdoor power products and innovative solutions for forest, park, garden care and the construction industry, transforming the way the world cares for outdoor and urban environments.

Global Information Services (GIS) manages Husqvarna Group’s broad and rapid digital transformation including Group Digital, Operations and Technology Development. The function also supports the Group’s three divisions in the digital transformation and safeguards synergies between them.


The GIS organisation is driving the digital business transformation journey for the Husqvarna Group and the organisation is constantly working with development and change initiatives at a high pace. To secure that GIS is a great place to work, they started an initiative called Create a Great Feedback Culture. The purpose of this initiative is to create a culture and place to work where people understand and embrace each other’s differences. Where constructive feedback is open, well-received, and used to improve relations between each other.


Husqvarna GIS consulted Predictio to help implement this initiative. Predictio created a tailormade four-step program for all the 210 leaders and employees in the GIS organization, leveraging the PI solution that is already well-integrated into the Husqvarna Group’s people strategy and activities.

During the period from December 2021 to April 2022, the entire Husqvarna GIS organization participated in the initiative. A total of about 210 employees.

 220 employees
13 countries

"We see the benefits of having an inclusive environment, where everyone’s voice is heard, so the PI tool fits perfectly into our organization. It helps us to create self-awareness which is an important foundation for a feedback culture."

Anita Karlsson People & Organisation - Husqvarna GIS

Step 1

Each of the participants received a readback on their PI profile, discussing what motivates them and what gives them energy.


Step 2

Predictio ran several half-day PI trainings, so all 210 leaders and co-workers understood more about their own drives, needs, and behaviours and how each of them impact others. During this training, we also created and communicated a common framework for giving and receiving feedback in the organization.

Step 3

Predictio ran 25 High Performing Team workshops to secure that each specific leader and their team clearly understood the drives of everyone in the team, how to best interact, communicate and collaborate to build a self-aware and trusting team. Each of the teams left their workshops with a concrete action plan for improving the team’s collaboration and feedback.

Step 4

Predictio created a meta people data analysis of the entire GIS organisation, helping the management team understand how they can best lead, communicate to, inspire, and engage the organisation in the ever-changing transformational journey.


The program has resulted in more self-aware leaders and workforce with an understanding and respect of how needs and behaviors may differ between people.  As well as with a framework for feedback, where everyone understands the purpose and is more comfortable actively giving and seeking feedback as an everyday common practice.  This great feedback culture initiative is starting to build trust across the organization.

Continue the initiative
 To continue the initiative, Predictio has created a guide that everyone in the organization receives. The guide helps people understand what is expected from everyone in the organisation regarding cooperation and feedback culture, outlining the feedback guidelines created and communicated throughout the program.

“To work with Predictio has been a true engagement boost”

Anita Karlsson, People & Organisation - Husqvarna GIS