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Predictio's main purpose is to help companies and organizations to create commitment, success and results by developing their leaders and employees. This to create the conditions for employees and leaders to feel better at their workplace, as well as understanding the members of the work force so that they also become more efficient. It is important to us that every leader understands exactly how they can successfully motivate their employees.

Our focus is to evaluate, measure and develop the talent and competence of our customers' employees, teams, leaders and sales force.

We help you reach your business goals through our dedicated service with professional consulting and committed training by industry experts. This to optimize your sales performance, leadership development and all HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, succession planning, employee retention, team, and talent development.


Predictios Vision: 

We shape the successful businesses of the future by developing each employee's unique potential.

Predictios Mission: 

Our unique tools and insights build engaged employees and strong teams that reach their business goals faster.



PI Certified Elite Partner

The Predictive Index®  has been on the Swedish and Finnish market for over 30 years. Predictio is a PI Certified Elite Partner and we have the right to sell The Predictive Index’ suite of internationally acknowledged and proven psychometric tools and system in Sweden and Finland:

  • PI Behavioral Assessment™ 
  • PI Cognitive Assessment™ 
  • Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT)
  • Customer Focused Selling™ (CFS)

You can read more about PI here and learn more about the importance of attending a PI training to be able to use the tool to it's full potential.

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