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Identify and address the causes of low engagement

Low engagement levels pose a significant threat to many organizations. When employees lack engagement and inspiration, their work performance is negatively affected, creating a major obstacle to achieving your goals as an organization. What if there was a solution to avoid this? With PI and the Diagnose module, you can ensure high engagement and support everyone within the organization to be motivated to strive towards the same goals!

Using the Diagnose module as a foundation, you can create and maintain high engagement in your workplace. Use this tool to evaluate both your strengths and challenges with engagement, and then analyze and implement concrete improvement measures by viewing the results in relation to the leaders' and team's PI profiles.

PI Diagnose

With the Diagnose module, you get the tool you need to measure engagement levels within your organization. By identifying areas that affect your colleagues' engagement, you can take action quickly to ensure that everyone is working together towards the organization's success.

PI's Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement in four categories and provides you with an action plan that clearly shows what you need to work on and what you are already doing well.

The four factors for driving high engagement

What really affects engagement in the workplace? Why are some of your colleagues engaged in their tasks, while others are content with just doing the bare minimum?

High engagement occurs when a person feels compatible and comfortable in their role, in relation to their manager, their team, and the organization as a whole.

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People with low engagement are content with doing only what they 'have to do'. On the other side of the spectrum, we have people who are engaged in their role, their team, and dedicated to the organization's success and the goals you achieve. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all employees were that engaged? With Diagnose, this becomes a possibility.


Use data to see how the four engagement factors affect your organization

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The Diagnose module is built around PI's Employee Experience Survey™ (PI XP). The survey measures engagement in your organization based on the four engagement factors and provides managers with direct feedback on their employees' work experiences. The survey identifies what has the greatest impact on engagement in your organization, analyzes and prioritizes results, and provides action plans to address areas of concern so that you can take action immediately.

  • Administer PI XP 

    • The survey is administered directly from the PI system and assists you at every step of the way.
    • Start by uploading your organization's data and scheduling the survey distribution.
  • Analyze the results

    • When you gather data through PI XP, you will receive information about engagement at all levels in your organization, and every leader with five or more employees will receive a report about their own team. Focus on strengths and weaknesses in different groups to improve engagement at various levels in your organization.
    • The report provided by PI XP after the survey is completed gives each leader scores for engagement in their team and a benchmark for all 50 questions, as well as scores in each category for lacking engagement (job, leader, team, and organization). The report highlights both the most significant strengths and the most serious problem areas.
  • Next steps

    • Other engagement surveys provide you with information, but they stop there. They lack an important point: action. What is the next step?
    • PI XP provides you with the results of the survey, but also a solution and suggestions for the next steps to help you move forward in the form of a customized action plan based on your areas causing low engagement. The system also suggests which reports from the Inspire module can assist you through the next steps.

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