Guide for the PI Reports

When a candidate or employee completes the PI Behavioral Assessment, we receive a wealth of useful information in the form of nine different reports that all have slightly different uses.

We feel that our customers all have their favorite reports and use them differently. To ensure that everyone gets the most out of the reports, we've put together a handy guide to easily summarize the PI reports and how you can use them.
Guide PI Reports

Overview – Pattern Insights

Use the insights as a base for analyzing a pattern or when you are giving a PI-feedback. Follow the structure of the overview by talking about the needs and behaviors, and then connect them with the factor combinations.

PI Behavioral Report

The most extensive and detailed report in the system. A great report to get more insight into a person. Therefore, you should discuss the report with the assessment taker.

PI Placard

This is the simplest report in the system and is a great base for starting conversations between co-workers on how to interact.

Management Strategy Guide

This guide help managers motivate, and lead employees based on their needs. Read through the 12 strategies listed and discuss how the employee resonates with them. A recommendation is to agree on three of the strategies to focus on.

Personal Development Chart

A more generic and objective report covering strengths, caution areas, and self-coaching tips to increase self-awareness. Use in on-boarding and development conversations. Read it together (manager & employee) and discuss which areas both parties resonate most with and what support the employee needs in their development within those areas.

Relationship Guide

This guide is used to compare two people’s profiles to discover how they work together. It provides strengths, caution areas, and tips. Use between manager and employee, team members, or colleagues to discuss future collaboration or as a base to resolve current conflicts.

Manager Development Chart

Same as Personal Development Chart, with a narrative directed to leaders.


Interview Guide*

Tailored investigative interview questions based on candidates' fits and gaps to the requirements of the role.

Coaching Guide*

A guide that plots a person’s pattern against their job target to provide coaching questions. Helpful in development conversations and when giving constructive feedback.



*Only available if the person is connected to a job

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