The PI Job Assessment


Before you hire, think about what is needed to do the job successfully. What are the behavioral and cognitive requirements in the role you a recruiting for? Most recruiters don’t know!

The PI Job Assessment will help your hiring team determine behavioural and cognitive benchmarks for jobs in your organisation.

What is the PI Job Assessment?

In the PI Platform, you have unlimited access to the Job Assessment. Completing this assessment helps you analyze each job and identify the underlying behaviors and cognitive ability needed to be successful in a specific role.



When using the PI Job Assessment, you get a streamlined process with a complete overview of your candidates and their fit to the job target.

An algorithm will rank your candidates using fit-gap analysis, generating a visible pipeline of your top candidates for a given job.


How does the PI Job Assessment work?

The Job Assessment can be completed by a single user or taken collaboratively by a team of stakeholders, e.g. the manager, the recruiter and a colleague to the future employee.

Once everyone has provided their input, the PI software takes the information from the Job Assessments and uses it to determine a behavioural and cognitive benchmark or ‘Job Target’ for your role. This target can be used to ease the hiring process and create a targeted candidate pool.


Leverage the Job Target in interviews

Go prepared with a PI Interview Guide.

Informed by your candidate’s fit to the Job Target, the PI Interview Guides give structure to your interview, helping you uncover more about your candidate’s workplace behaviour.

Asking structured interview questions early will help you identify key-traits of your candidates like their ability to cooperate with others, their capacity to complete detailed tasks and their patience.


Use the Job Target for coaching!

Once you have created a Job Target for a particular job, you can also use it in coaching situations.

Using the Job Target, you can create a coaching guide that will show you relevant coaching questions based on the fits and gaps between the behaviour required in the job and your employee’s natural behavior.

Informed by your employee’s fit to the Job Target benchmark, the PI Coaching Guides provide insight into employee development opportunities.

In the PI Solution, the fits and gaps in the employee’s natural behaviour compared to the job benchmark are automatically analyzed. These fits and gaps are then used to generate coaching questions for each of the four behavioural factors.  Managers can use these questions to inform their employee development process and identify employee strengths.


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