2-day PI Training (Certification)

2-day PI Training

The standard PI-training is a two-day instructor lead training course. During the two days, the participants learn all aspects of PI Behavioral Assessment™ giving them an in-depth understanding of the PI methodology and how to apply it in their job.

After this training you will get the opportunity to participate in multiple open webinars designed to develop your PI knowledge, free of charge. Predictio want all our users to be experts in PI, and for you to get the maximum value of your organization’s PI license.

PI is a tool that helps you provide an easy way to identify the right candidate for the right job, develop leaders, engage co-workers and improve business results.

If your company needs to train more than 6 people at the same time, we can offer you an in-house training which is planned according to your company’s needs. Please contact us for further information.

If your organisation has a license to use The Predictive Index® Management System, you can book a place in any of our open PI® trainings.

Training dates

English training dates and registration 2022
English trainings 2022 Location Start date Time (CET) Register
Predictive Index – Drive Results with Talent Virtual 22/11 – 23/11 2022 8.30-16.00 REGISTER
Predictive Index – Drive Results with Talent Virtual 6/12 – 7/12 2022 8.30-16.00 REGISTER
Swedish training dates and registration 2022
Swedish trainings 2022    Location Start date Time (CET) Register
Predictive Index – Drive Results with Talent Virtuell 8/11 – 9/11 2022 8.30-16.00 BOKA
Predictive Index – Drive Results with Talent Virtuell 13/12 – 14/12 2022 8.30-16.00 BOKA

Training overview

Length 2-day training plus a 1,5-hour introduction to PI Cognitive Assessment and a PI Q&A about 1 weeks after the training
About In-depth understanding of the PI Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments and an introduction to the PI system
How? Our scheduled training dates or in-house
Venue Virtual or physical trainings
Who? Primarily for leaders / managers or people working in HR


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Learn to properly use PI

The Predictive Index assessments are quick and easy to use and interpret due to the intuitive and user-friendly interface with many helpful reports. However, it is important to understand that the assessments are complex psychometric instruments built on extensive scientific research.

Therefore, to fully understand the tool and accurately interpreted the assessment result and all the valuable nuances in people’s PI profile, a PI Certification is required. Having PI-certified users to analyze and give readbacks to candidates and co-workers is the only way to ensure that you get the full value from PI. This way you improve employer branding and make sure that both your candidates and employees get a great experience with PI.

You can find all available dates for our 2-day certification training above.

PI Knowledge Center – Learn

About Learn
In the PI system you have access to Learn – PI’s knowledge center.

Here you can look up everything you need to know about PI

  • PI community
  • Education
  • Support

Access Learn here if you are PI Certified

Open PI Inspirational Webinars

Every year Predictio offers free virtual inspirational webinars that our clients can sign up for.

The purpose of the webinars is to upgrade our clients’ knowledge about PI to make sure that they get full value from the PI solution.

The inspirational webinars are primarily for trained PI analysts. However, depending on the theme and topics of the day, managers may also benefit from participating in these webinars.

Contact Predictio to hear more about dates and topics.

GLOBAL 2-day PI Training

Predictio offer PI Trainings globally through our global network of PI Certified Partners. Please contact us if you are intrested in PI Trainings outside Sweden.


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