The PI Inspire Solution

a powerful framework

The PI Inspire solution is a powerful framework HR and managers use to boost employee engagement and productivity. It empowers the organization to unleash the power of their people by understanding what drives each individual—and supports the managers to lead them accordingly.

It includes software, workshops and our expert consulting. We give you the tools and knowledge to make your company agile and ready for the future.

The Inspire solution help…

  • Developing leaders by supporting them understand their strengths, caution areas and how to improve in their role.
  • Supporting managers engaging their team by tailoring their leadership style to fit the needs of all their employees—not just the ones that think and act like them.
  • Making sure you have the right team in place at the right time to achieve results.
  • Handling change effectively always considering the people side.

The PI Inspire solution can be used on 4 levels

Motivera medarbetare


Inspire your employees and keep them motivated and engaged.

Minska personalomsättning


Find out if your leadership style brings out the best of your employees.



Do your team need to be more effective in communication and decision making?

Utveckla chefer


Make sure your entire organization gives their best to succeed in their role.