The PI Talent Optimization Platform

The PI Platform

The PI Talent Optimization platform is one of the most modern and global SaaS solutions for companies who want to align their people and organisation to their business strategy.

The PI platform can be used by HR and managers for individual, team and organisational people process optimisation.

The PI Platform Modules:

The HIRE module

Attract and select the right people, Define Job targets, Rank Candidates, Predict Candidate & Team fit, Interview Candidates, Onboard employees

The INSPIRE module

Keep employees engaged and empower managers, Develop managers, Develop employees, Develop and empower teams, Improve “1 on 1” relationships in the organisation

The DESIGN module

Align People and Strategy, Align Culture and Strategy, Optimize Organization Structure, The Strategy Assessment

The above two modules Hire & Inspire make up the PI Basic Solution – Hire & Inspire.

What is the investment for a new client?

Annual subscription

You need to buy an annual subscription to use the PI Talent Optimization platform. The subscription price is based on your organisation’s number of staff and how many modules you choose to include in your subscription.

Once you have bought your subscription, you can use as many assessments and reports as you need.


Depending of the size of your organization, a minimum of 1 person needs to be trained in PI to make sure that you get the full value of the system.

Integrate PI with your HRIS or ATS

If you would like to streamline your processes, e.g. your recruitment process, we recommend that you integrate the PI platform with your HRIS or ATS.

Predictive Index offers an open Application Program Interface (API) which allows you to access data and features that are available in the PI software and bridge them into another software application, such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

The open API’s are available for you to integrate with (potentially via an integration partner) and let you decide exactly which data and functionality you wish to integrate in your system.

The solution provides the flexibility to implement the PI suite in your recruitment process exactly as and where you see fit, and furthermore lets you decide what results to receive back, and where to store them.

The integration process is simple and is driven by the desired scope of functionalities you wish to implement. Please contact us, if you wish to know more about integrations, or read all the technical information here:


The Predictive Index is compliant with GDPR, read all about PI and GDPR on The Predictive Index website here. If you have any further questions in regard to this, please contact Dorte Eghave. 

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