PI Employee Experience Survey

Identify reasons behind your employees engagement levels and take action to improve and uphold them.  


Discover what factors engage your employees, what challenges your organization faces, and what measures you have to take in order to improve or sustain your current engagement levels. 

PI Employee Experience Survey™, or PI XP, measures engagement, analyzes the results, and immediately gives you a detailed plans of action for the relevant problem areas. 

How does the PI Employee Experience Survey™ work?

This anonymous survey of 50 questions gives you insights into the general employee satisfaction in your organization, as well as insights into how individuals feel about their work, their boss, the organizational culture, and their co-workers. The PI Employee Experience Impact Algorithm identifies what factors have the biggest impact on engagement in your organization and what factors are already .  


Employee-XP-Score-768x444.pngWhat does the PI Employee Experience Survey™ measure?

The PI Employee Experience Survey helps you push for positive change in your organization. The survey provides customized data for your organization and reviews insights in teams of all sized and levels. 



How can the PI Employee Experience Survey™ drive productivity and success? 

According to Forbes, highly engaged teams are 21% more productive than teams with low engagement. PI Employee Experience Survey gives your managers and employees the possibility to identify and find solutions to low engagement through detailed plans of action. Think about all the things you could achieve with more engaged and productive teams and organization as a whole!

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