PI Cognitive Assessment

PI Cognitive Assessment

Why PI Cognitive Assessment?

Many years of research show that general cognitive ability is the single best predictor of future job performance*. Being able to absorb new information, adapt to changing situations, solve problems, and process complex information are aspects of practically any job. Performance within these areas and pace of learning are strongly associated with successful on-the-job performance. PI Cognitive Assessment provides you with such valuable information about a person’s general cognitive ability.

* SMITH, M. & SMITH, P. (2004) Testing People at Work: Competencies in Psychometric Testing. Wiley-Blackwell.


Certified by DNV

PI Cognitive Assessment is certified by DNV for recruitment and development. The PI Cognitive Assessment has been reviewed by DNV following the in-depth standards defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations’ (EFPA) Test Review Model.

This certification ensures Predictio’s clients, colleagues, managers and candidates of the PI Cognitive Assessment’s validity, reliable and high-quality, being one of the few assessments that has achieved this internationally accredited certification. 

To see which other behavioral tests that have been certified by DNV, please see here. 


What is the PI Cognitive Assessment?

PI Cognitive Assessment is a web based assessment available in 63 languages, measuring a person’s general cognitive ability. PI Cognitive Assessment contains verbal, numerical and abstract questions. PI Cognitive Assessment is scientifically validated, culture neutral and takes 12 minutes to complete. Each assessment is unique as it is generated dynamically from a large pool of questions.

Who should use the PI Cognitive Assessment?

PI Cognitive Assessment is used by HR-departments and/or managers for recruitment and selection in order to clarify and confirm the cognitive capabilities of a candidate. PI Cognitive Assessment is also used to support the development, assessment, promotion or talent management of individual employees.

What business value does PI Cognitive Assessment give you?

PI Cognitive Assessment is used by public and private organizations of all sizes and industries to:

  • Increase productivity by using PI Cognitive Assessment before deciding on onsite interview (through mail or phone feedback when there are many applicants).
  • Increase quality by letting all applicants called for interview complete PI Cognitive Assessment (instead of only final candidates) to choose the best candidate from the best data.
  • Quality assure without external recruitment agencies/assessment centres.
  • Create a positive feedback based on candidates’ strengths (thanks to verbal, numerical and abstract questions in the same test).
  • Compare potential between candidates (1:1 comparable) or to norm groups.

When is PI Cognitive Assessment used?

  • In recruitment of managers and leaders 
  • In recruitment of specialists 
  • Trainee- and leadership programs
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