Is the Great Resignation also something that keeps you up at night?

If not, maybe you have been among the lucky few that have not been affected by it. But many organizations have been struggling to try to understand why their people are leaving, even though they are investing so many resources to get them to stay. We are left with the big questions; what would actually make them stay? PI have created a report where we learn how executives in the US are tackling The Great Resignation, and how we can future-proof our organizations—with talent optimization. If you are interested in the full State of Talent Optimization report, you can read it HERE.




One of the conclusions

Can executives give their people a reason to stay?

They can—if they approach their people with intention.

  • Pay attention to your people.
  • Don’t assume their commitment is forever.
  • Reaffirm the value they bring to the organization, and help them carve out a future they can take pride in.


Based on this conclusion, what are your organization currently doing to make sure that your employees do not only serve the organization’s purpose, but that you are also helping to fulfill their needs and help them find meaning and pride in what they do?


Recommended approaches

There are of course multiply different approaches to this, but we strongly believe that the first step should be to be aware of your employee’s individual needs. If we truly understand what your employee’s drives and needs are, it is a lot easier for us to make sure that we actually treat them as THEY would like to be treated. Giving them the type of responsibility, reward, and development opportunity that the person will be motivated by, not just what is stated in our policy. If we do this, treating them as the individuals they are, are we not more likely to together create a situation where they are happy to stay, and we are happy that they are staying?


Furthermore, we are seeing great results among our customers who take this intentional approach to their talent. Our confidence in this is strengthened by the report mentioned above, as it finds that companies that work with Talent Optimization are nearly twice more likely to avoid the burnt of The Great Resignation than their peers.


Next steps

Are you already today actively working with meeting your employee’s needs through Talent Optimization? Great, we applaud you! Please never hesitate to reach out to us at to discuss how you can leverage PIs tools even more, we are always happy when you reach out to us!


If you are still looking around trying to determine where to start and what to do? Please write to us and we can discuss your organization and your needs, and how we could help you work even more intentionally with your talent, getting them to stay and develop with your organization.


All our best
The Predictio Team