7 things to keep in mind when completing the PI Cognitive Assessment

The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment  is an assessment that measures an individual's general cognitive ability, i.e. a person's ability to absorb new information, adapt to changing situations, solve problems, and process complex information on the job.

Completing a general cognitive assessment for the first time can be a bit stressful, especially if you don't know what to expect. Therefore, if you follow the below steps, you will be in the best position to perform your best in the test.

*The below tips apply to The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment, for information about psychometric tests, specifically personality assessments, please see here. 

PI Cognitive Assessment Tips

1. Understand what the test will entail

The PI Cognitive Assessment takes 12 minutes and consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The questions will be within the categories: verbal, numerical and abstract and the questions will appear in a random order.  Very few people manage to answer all 50 questions, so it is perfectly normal if you don't make it through all the questions!  If you have to do the test twice, you will not get the same questions in the second test.

2. Understand how your score is calculated

Your final score is based on the questions you answered correctly within the 12 minutes, and you won't receive a penalty for incorrect answers or leaving questions blank. It is therefore recommended that you move on to the next question if you get hung up on a question you don't understand or think you can't solve.

3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection 

It is very important to have a stable internet connection while taking the test. If your internet disconnects during the test, the test will be automatically terminated, and you will need to take the test again.

4. Use the most compatible browser! 

Use Chrome or Firefox when taking the test to guarantee the best experience. It is recommended to complete the test on a computer and not on a mobile device.  It can be done on a mobile device with a small screen but you get a much better overview on a device with a larger screen.

If you need to navigate back and forth in the test click on "Previous" or "Next" at the bottom of the screen. You do not need to answer all the questions on one page to proceed to the next page, and you can move both forward and backward to change or answer questions. Be very careful not to use the browser's back button or switch between tabs as this can disrupt the test, and you may loose all your completed answers.

5. Take a practice test

In your invitation to the assessment, you will also receive a link to a short 20-question practice test. It is a good idea to take the practice test as it will give you an understanding of both how the test is structured and the kind of questions you will get. This will hopefully help you stay more relaxed and focused during the actual test as you'll know what to expect and how to navigate.

6. Stay focused!

The test only takes 12 minutes to complete, but it will feel shorter if you are stressed or in a distracting environment. Make sure you have allocated enough time for the test, read the instructions carefully, and can sit undisturbed from start to finish. Also make sure that you are rested and alert. Don't do the test late at night if you are not a "night person".

7. Relax

The test is finished! Now you can relax and wait to hear about the next steps. And lastly, remember that your result is just one of many factors considered in the recruitment process.