Find out how you improve your retention – read PI’s Great Retention Report


The great retention report by the predictive index express how you can engage and retain your employees


Recently, we have seen a substantial trend of people quitting their jobs for a number of reasons. The Predictive Index have looked at the most common ones in their People Management Report.  In their new Grand Retention Report, they talk about how organizations can stimulate engagement and generate retention. If you are a PI user you can take part of the full report here, otherwise you can read the main findings below:


The manager matters a lot:

  • Managers’ wellbeing reflects on their peers and the other-way around, and should be adressed with equal importance.
  • In general, the ability to quickly identify signs of disengagement, reevaluation, and exploration is key as these are the first warning signs of leaving.

Retention starts with attention to people:

  • The trend of exhaustion and burnouts was present even before the Corvid pandemic and leads to people leaving their jobs. Thus, good managers improve retention in good and bad times by paying attention to their people.


How can companies empower managers to increase retention?

  • Disengagement manifests differently in everyone. Therefore insight into individual behavioral drives helps to diagnose and adress the issue.


What is leadership feeling (and doing about it)?

  • It is important to understand the motivations and challenges, especially the ones the new hybrid workplace impose on employees’ today.
  • Managers need to show empathy and meet the employees at their level as the criteria for job satisfaction now differ.


In summary, it is clear that every company benefits from understanding their employees’ behavioral drives better, both as an individual and as a Team. Thus, people are the ones that drive your business and unhappy people can just as easily impact the company’s performance. If you are a PI user, you will find the full report here. If you are not a PI user, please contact us and we will be happy to send it to you.

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