Managing Your New Employee: A Cheat Sheet for Success


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Onboarding – making sure that the big investment you put into the recruitment process wasn’t for nothing.


You have found your perfect candidate, congratulations! You have also used PI during the recruitment, double congratulations, you now have a major increase in the likelihood that you found a great fit for the job!

Now that you have all this great information about your new joiner’s drives, needs, and behaviors, does it stop here? Absolutely not! Make sure to leverage this great information for the start of the new relationship between the manager and the new team member.


Here is a list of the PI reports I would use as part of building the new relationship and how:


Personal Development Chart

This is a great report for understanding and getting insights into your new employee’s behavioral drives, allowing you as the manager to better understand your people. The new team member can also learn more about their strengths and opportunities for personal development. The report also provides likely cautions areas for employees to be aware of, and self-coaching tips for the individual to be more productive in his or her work environment.

  • Read it through together and have a dialogue around what areas the new joiner resonated most with currently and how you can support in this.

Relationship Guide

The Relationship Guide is used to compare two people’s profiles to discover how they work together. It plots two people’s behavioral preferences side by side and provides both strengths and areas of caution. It synthesises tips managers can use when working with a specific employee.

  • Create (or ask HR for) the report for the new joiner and you as the manager
  • Use it for assessing the best way to interact with the new joiner, strengthen the relationship, develop common ways to initiate conversations, and assign items for follow-up.


Management Strategy Guide

The Management Strategy Guide helps managers motivate and coach employees based on their behavioral needs. It provides insight into how a team member interacts, takes action, and handles risks. It offers the opportunity to create action plans or identify blockers for an employee-manager relationship.

  • Read through the 12 strategies listed and discuss how the new team member resonates with them.
  • Agree on strategies for interaction, action-taking, and risk & decision-making to focus on in the coming period.
  • You can use the four-step action plan on the second page to hold yourself accountable until the next conversation.



To sum it up, with PI you already have a lot of valuable information about your new joiner, almost as a cheat sheet for how to manage them. Make sure to leverage it to get your new employee relationship off to a flying start!

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