How do you manage this move to a more hybrid workforce? – PI’s top thee tips

How do you manage the move to a more hybrid workforce?


The Predictive Index People Management Report established that the new type of hybrid work model is increasing rapidly. However, the move towards a hybrid workforce can depending on your organization be hard to both implement and manage efficiently.

Yet, the Predictive Index has identified three best practices and benefits of PI for long-term success. The PI system can help you:


1. Provide structure for your employees
Change can be difficult in organizations, and to have information can help you prepare and adapt your work model.


2. Find new ways to communicate
Proper communication is important and Team Discovery increase co-workers both self-awareness and understanding of their teams, to enable efficient communication both in person and online.


3. Respect everyone’s comfort level.
Your workplace successes are reflected in the people that are coming to work, regardless of if they are working online or offline. Therefore, contact, respect and understanding remains important.


With this said, every workplace is different, and it is important for you to find a hybrid work model that fit your workplace. However, the Predictive Index can help you gain useful information, tools and understanding to navigate in this transformation.


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