Team development

Team dynamics and development

Building effective, cohesive teams has never played such a pivotal role in a company’s success as it does today. As the economy recovers, many organizations are working with newly formed groups and teams as a result of corporate downsizings, mergers and restructurings. Other organizations throughout the world have deliberately adopted team-based work structures to meet their business objectives. Many models of the organization of the future are premised on teams surpassing individuals as the primary performance unit in the company.


Effective teams, whether departmental, across functions or at the Board of Director level, pride themselves on better communication, decision-making, productivity and morale. Understanding how people work together is key.

Our personality assessment system PI Behavioral Assessment™ provides objective information on an individual’s motivating needs and natural workplace behavior and their impact on the team dynamics. This information helps in team development and gives managers and team members an objective way to discuss differences in work styles, opening up lines of communication and trust, which will accelerate team performance.


In the PI® System you can generate analytical reports based on a group of Predictive Index® profiles. There are many useful cases for creating Group Analytics:

  • Examine the drives of Top Performers
  • Compare the behavioral style of a Team Leader and his or her team
  • Identify opportunities to enhance team functions such as communication, delegation, and process adherence
  • Verify that the Job Profile is representative of the most successful incumbents in the role
  • Provide insights into dispersion of behavioral drives across a group

Our clients use the following tools for Team Building: