Talent development

Talent Development

Promotions, succession planning, developing your leaders and identifying HI-PO’s and future leaders.

Organizations of today realize the importance of identifying and developing their top talents and future leaders to meet the ever-changing challenges of today, and even more importantly, of tomorrow. This practice, which should be done on an on-going basis and at all levels of the organization, provides the foundation for effective succession planning. History has shown that leaders that are groomed from within the organization tend to perform better and stay longer.


How do you build succession planning into your company’s long term strategy? First determine the organization’s future leadership needs and then identify key individuals within the organization who possess the necessary behavioral strengths, general cognitive ability, strengths, skills, knowledge, experience, and values.

PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Cognitive Assessment™ will help provide  objective information as well as a roadmap to your leadership development plan, specifically tailored to the individual. PI Behavioral Assessment helps you understand a person’s specific motivating needs, communication style, and team building skills. PI Cognitive Assessment gives you valuable information about the person’s learning agility. How well does the person take in, process and make decisions based on complex information. Science shows that the more complex the job, the higher cognitive ability is required to succeed in the job.


Predictio provides the leadership training, leadership coaching and succession planning tools for an effective succession planning strategy. Learn how our assessment toolbox can close the gap between a good leader of today and a great leader of tomorrow.

Our clients use the following tools for Talent development: