Optimize your Sales Performance

Measure, Manage and Take Control of Your Organization’s Sales Performance

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?
Let Predictio show you how!

Predictio’s Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) gives you an objective look at your sales rep’s selling skills, providing concrete data on their strengths and weaknesses. SSAT is a sales skills assessment providing a detailed, accurate quantification of selling skills across your sales organization at an individual, team and company-wide level. This vital information allows you to focus your sales training, coaching and management for maximum impact and maximum revenue growth.


The customized Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) enables the participants to increase sales results across the entire sales force. From new hires to veterans, this program stretches reps to increase their sales skills, abilities, and results – now. Based on the data from the SSAT, Predictio delivers a customized Instructor-led or Train-the-Trainer program for improved predictive sales performance at all levels.

Our behavioral assessment PI Behavioral Assessment™ ensures that SSAT data and CFS training translate into long-term sustainable results. PI Behavioral Assessment provides sales managers with scientific data on motivation and drive to accurately support, guide and coach their people for outstanding individual and team performance.