Employee retention and motivation

Employee Retention

Successful organizations know that an effective employee retention strategy provides the foundation for sustainable growth and superior performance. Those who fail to make employee retention a priority are at risk of losing their top talents to the competition. In addition, increasing retention drastically reduces the high cost of turn-over, eliminating not only out-of-pocket expenses related to recruitment, selection, and severance, but also in lost opportunity, productivity and morale.

Through the use of the PI Behavioral Assessment™, our world-class training and business expertise, Predictio can help you improve your employee retention by optimizing job fit at the point of selection, providing managers with the insight to customize employee development plans for high performing talent, and by enhancing communication skills to lead and motivate people more effectively. An employee retention management strategy has a positive impact on the bottom line and in sustaining a dynamic workplace culture.

Our clients use the following tools for Employee Retention:

Motivation & Coaching

Motivating Employees for Long Term Success

Every contact a manager has with each and every employee is an opportunity to motivate — or de-motivate. Also, every action and communication that takes place in the organization has an impact on the people in it. How will they respond? Will everyone respond in a similar manner? How can we gain enthusiasm and energy for our business initiatives? How can we maximize the amount of energy each employee will devote to the benefit of the company and his or her success in the job?

The Predictive Index® provides very specific insights into how people are motivated, the type of work which most invigorates them, and other factors contributing to motivation.

Our clients use the following tools for Motivation: