Recruitment, selection and onboarding

Recruitment & Selection

Use workforce analytics to make objective decisions when you hire and select new employees. Our assessment tool box will give you the foundation to make better-informed decisions not only for selection but also for coaching, employee evaluation, talent management and leadership development.


The foundation for a successful hire is a strong job fit:


  • PI Behavioral AssessmentTM: Understanding the candidate’s natural behavior and motivational drives.


  • PI Job Assessment: Finding the best fit between a person’s natural behavior and the behavioral requirements needed for a superior performance in the job. The job assessment gives you a road map for the position in your organization, providing insight into the behaviors and drives needed in the job.


  • PI® fit / gap analysis: The Predictive Index Interview Guide will provide you with a fit / gap analysis between the behavior of the candidate and the behavior needed in the job.


  • PI Cognitive Assessment™: Understanding the cognitive requirements for the specific job. How complex is the job and what level of cognitive ability does the job require? Does the candidate possess the right level of learning ability to do a great job as well as stay motivated?


  • Does the values and culture of the candidate and the organisation match?


  • What specific experience, education and skills does the candidate have?

Our clients use the following tools for Recruitment and Selection:



By knowing the natural behavior, motivational drives (PI Behavioral Assessment) and learning ability (PI Cognitive Assessment) you will be able to onboard any new person in a tailored way both for the benefit of the organization and the person entering!