Predictio’s Corona Precautions

Predictio is taking the Corona situation very seriously and are taking all necessary precautions and actions to keep our team and our clients safe during this serious crises.


Below are measures we have taken:


The team and availability:

  • Until further notice, the team is working from home
  • We are working normal office hours and offer full support to all our clients online
    • Please also add on your email if you have urgent requests
    • All physical meetings with clients and prospects will be replaced by online meetings until local governments say that it is advisable to meet face-to-face


Training and other client events:

  • All booked physical trainings to be held in April have been either rescheduled to May or June or will be provided as virtual trainings
  • Please contact us if you need training so we can let you know about the options available taking into account dates and locations
  • Our Optimum Conference, to take place in Gothenburg 12 May, is now a virtual event – find more information here.


Improve your PI knowledge:

We have many interesting and educational videos about PI and how you best leverage PI in your organisation both in hiring situation but also in the current crisis situation to engage and coach your people.

Please let us know if you need help in finding the videos.


Please reach out to us, if we can assist you in any way.


We hope that all our clients and their families get safely through this difficult period of time and that we will all soon be back to business as normal.


We look forward to taking to you on the phone and online – and hopefully soon meet in person.


Take case and stay safe


The Predictio Team