PI Behavioral Assessment™

Why PI Behavioral Assessment?

Research shows that personality assessment is one of the best predictors of future job performance. The better a person’s natural motivating needs and behavioural drives fit a particular job – the higher job satisfaction and performance. The PI Behavioral Assessment provides a quick but still deep profile analysis to understand these needs and drives. The PI Behavioral Assessment is used for recruitment and development of people on all levels. It is also well suited for team and organizational development as well as change management.


Naturally, the PI Behavioral Assessment is certified by DNV-GL who reviewed the assessment under the in-depth standards defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations’ (EFPA) Test Review Model.

WHAT IS PI Behavioral Assessment?

PI Behavioral Assessment consists of two tools in one:


  • The profile analysis tool PI Behavioral Assessment which helps you understand a person’s driving forces
  • The job analysis tool PI Job Assessment which lets two or more persons create a common job profile for a certain position.


The combination of PI Behavioral Assessment and PI Job Assessment predicts the fits and gaps between a candidate and a position. It is also useful for development and coaching of co-workers.

WHO USES PI Behavioral Assessment?

PI Behavioral Assessment is used by HR and executive/middle managers who become certified in how to interpret results, give best possible feedback and how to use it for individual, group and organizational development. The certification also presents an opportunity for self reflection during the 2 day class room certification training. The PI Practitioner training is a blended learning experience where the classroom training is followed up by e-learning to reinforce the participants’ PI knowledge.

HOW IS PI Behavioral Assessment used?

  • Define job profiles with high precision.
  • Select the best candidates for all levels and positions.
  • Understand a person’s motivational drivers from day one.
  • Build well-functioning teams and departments.
  • Coach and motivate employees.
  • Deal with conflicts in a constructive manner.
  • Develop and promote employees and leaders.
  • Communicate more effectively with individuals and groups.


PI Behavioral Assessment is used by public and private organisations of all sizes and industries to:

  • Objectively analyze which job tasks and personality traits are required for a new or existing position (PI Job Assessment).
  • Very fast and accurately analyse a candidate’s or co-worker’s behavioral/motivational drivers (PI Behavioral Assessment).
  • Use one and the same tool for recruitment, selection and development (thanks to the speed and simplicity, PI Job Assessment/PI Behavioral Assessment) can be used on all levels and positions).
  • Quality assure HR-processes without external recruitment agencies/development consultants (thanks to PI Behavioral Assessments speed and scientific validation).
  • Increase productivity as all candidates/employees and immediate managers know which behaviors need adaption/coaching from day one.
  • Create a common language and development focus with HR and leaders.
  • Enable competence mapping and performance management through powerful group reports and internal KPI’s.
  • Secure complete cost control through a yearly license fee based on headcount including unlimited usage.

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