CFS – Customer-Focused Selling™

CFS – Customer Focused Selling

CFS is an effective, sales training program that provides sales people with all the core competencies needed for successful consultative selling.

In a highly interactive, adult learning format, CFS works with the core sales competencies needed  — with special emphasis on the particular areas shown by the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) that need improvement. The training is uniquely designed to be used every day, not memorized. For every skill taught, there’s an immediate application to a real-world business situation the participants are facing. They can see the power of the tools for themselves, and they come away from the program enthusiastic and ready to apply the new learning to their own customers and prospects.

CFS is a consultative sales process that puts the needs of the customer first. It’s a solution-based approach, in which the sales representative actively works with the buyer to solve problems in an atmosphere of earned trust and two-way communication.


CFS SSAT Brochure

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The benefits are well-documented and the outcomes are clear:

  • Increased sales volume
  • Improved close ratio
  • More efficient and productive use of selling time
  • More effective sales management process
  • Increased repeat and referral business
  • Better differentiation from the competition