Talent optimization for HR leaders

Make an impact on the business with talent optimization.

With the right tools and framework, you will be able to deliver strategic insights that will drive key company decisions, support leaders and employees and make sure people in your organization are aligned with the business strategy.

PI shows you how—and gives you the tools to execute.

One essential truth of talent optimization is the application of people data, and the PI platform allows you to collect and leverage that data to:

  • Measure engagement and behavior throughout your organization
  • Hire with purpose and rigor, prioritizing candidates with the right behavioral and cognitive fit
  • Protect your employee brand by building and maintaining a strong culture
  • Boosting engagement and productivity while decreasing turnover

Align your people and business strategies

The four disciplines of Talent Optimization:



Hire the right people for a successful organization and make sure they are aligned with the business strategy.

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Support your leader’s leadership style, create high performing teams and keep people engaged in your organization.

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Gain business strategy alignment and build a talent strategy to match. Maximize productivity, make sure leaders are in right place - as well as the culture.

Learn how you can help your organization with Talent Optimization