The PI Design Solution

Make sure your leadership team is 100% aligned

Misalignment at the top, chaos at the bottom. Close gaps between executives about the business strategy

Don’t leave success to chance

On average, senior leaders agree on just 70% of their strategic goals. The PI Strategy Assessment™ uncovers strategic misalignment — so tough conversations can happen and executives can get aligned.

Don’t build a house without a foundation

Likewise, you can’t hire, manage, or organize your people without an agreed-upon business strategy. The PI Strategy Assessment measures executives’ perceptions, agreement, and confidence in their business strategy, and their confidence in the company’s ability to execute the business strategy.

Stop wondering whether you’re pursuing the wrong strategic goals—and start moving forward with confidence.

Senior leader behaviors matter

Having confidence in your ability to execute your business strategy starts with having the right senior leaders in place. The PI Behavioral Assessment™ maps leaders’ behavioral patterns to the chosen strategy. It uncovers gaps so you can make a plan, like where to tap into others within the company to achieve your strategic goals.

Get expert guidance every step of the way

Navigating strategic conversations and gaining leadership alignment can be exhausting and frustrating. But with the half-day Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop, a Certified PI Consultant will guide your leadership team to an agreed-upon business strategy so you can design a talent strategy to match. Participants will leave with actionable next steps to mitigate execution risks.

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