Empower high performing teams

Even if all your employees are good at what they do, they can’t achieve all that is possible if they aren’t empowered to work together effectively. The HR and managers need to understand and adhere to the needs of the teams; how they think, work, and communicate to enable teams to be high performing.

The PI Inspire solution provides you with the software and insights you need to successfully empower high performing teams.

Personal Development Chart

Share the Personal Development Chart with team members so they can explore their strengths and caution and what behavioral needs should be fulfilled.

Team Discovery

Use Team Discovery™ to execute for performance and support your teams to become strong and well-balanced. It provides a strategic view to ensure the right leaders or employees are in place to execute business strategies and deliver results.

In Team Discovery you get an overview of how your team communicate, take action and make decisions. Use this knowledge to see where your team has fits and gaps when it comes to executing on your business objective.

Relationship Guide

The Relationship Guide is another good give-away for people to understand how employees and leaders communicate and collaborate with others.

Group Analytics

Compare the PI profiles of your team members with the tool Group Analytics. Discover the behavioral drives of the team and identify similarities and differences between the employees.

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