Do NOT do to others what you would have them do to you…

This so-called Golden Rule does not apply to leaders. They need to be able to tailor their leadership style to fit the needs of all their employees. Just because the leader loves to take risks, it does not imply that all employees should be led like they love it too.

When leaders lack a clear idea of the effect that their leadership style is having, that’s a recipe not for employee engagement but for disengagement.

PI Behavioral Assessment

Have your leaders take the PI Behavioral Assessment™ showing their natural drives, needs and behaviors.

Manager Development Chart

Use the Manager Development Chart to support the leader to understand their strengths, caution areas, and what to improve their way of leading others.

Relationship Guide

Use the Relationship Guide to understand the strengths and caution areas in the 1-to-1 relation between the employee and the manager and where they may need some guidance.

Management Strategy Guide

Give the managers the Management Strategy Guide of each employee. Here the manager gets actionable advice on effective ways to interact with, encourage, and delegate tasks to each employee to make them feel engaged.

Analyze the leader in the team

Take the whole team in consideration. Use Team Discovery™ and Group Analysis to understand the strengths and caution areas the leader has in the team.

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