Understand your people

It is not just about hiring the right people but just as much about how to retain your employees and keep their engagement and make them grow!

When you know your employee’s behavioral drives are, you will know what really keep them engaged and how to boost their productivity.

This will improve your employee retention by providing HR and managers with the insight to customize employee development plans for high performing talent, and by enhancing communication skills and motivate people more effectively.

PI Behavioral Assessment

Make sure the employees take the PI Behavioral Assessment™ to understand their natural drives, needs and behaviors.

Personal Development Chart

Get actionable insights based on your employee’s behavioral drives. The Personal Development Chart highlights the natural Strengths and Caution areas and gives coaching tips on how to be more productive.

Relationship Guide

The Relationship Guide is another good give-away for the individual to get an insight into a work 1-to-1 relationship’s strengths and cautions areas and to learn how to be more productive when working together.

Coaching Guide

Use the Coaching Guide to consider and discuss any behavioral gaps between the individual and the work role with the employee.


Team Discovery

Use Team Discovery™ to execute for performance and support your individual to become strong and understand their role in the team.

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