The PI Diagnose Solution

Unlock the potential of your workforce

The average company loses 1.8 million euros in productivity per year due to disengagement. The culprit? The four forces of disengagement: mismatches between your employee and their role, manager, culture, and team. 

These four forces result in employees who do the bare minimum to keep their job. What could you accomplish with a fully engaged team?

What drives engagement?

The PI Employee Experience Survey™ allows managers to easily gauge employees and gather candid, confidential feedback on their work experience. The survey algorithm pinpoints the strengths and improvement areas that will have the most impact on engagement at your company.

Insight at every level

Once the survey closes, you’ll receive engagement trends at every level of your organization—whether that’s a team, a department, or your entire company. This insight will allow you to customize your actions based on group strengths and needs — and improve engagement at micro and macro levels.

Finished the survey, what now?

Most engagement surveys provide insight, but lack action. The PI Employee Experience Survey bridges data with results by delivering custom action plans, so you can fix what’s broken. 

The half-day Take Action on Engagement workshop empowers managers and leaders to share results with their teams and establish a path to high-impact organizational change.

A coach at your side

You don’t have to do it alone. With the Employee Experience Coaching package, your PI Certified Consultant can assist and guide you every step of the way.

From survey setup to plan implementation, you’ll have a trusted ally by your side as you take the necessary steps to drive a world-class organization.

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