PI Strategy Assessment

What is the PI Strategy Assessment™?

The PI Strategy Assessment is a validated survey tool that captures a leadership team’s perceptions, agreement, and confidence in their business strategy.

The assessment creates a data-driven link between business strategy and talent.

How does it work?

First, leaders identify their top strategic priorities, then rank their confidence in the organization’s ability to execute those priorities. Each statement is associated with one of four strategy types: cultivating, exploring, stabilizing, and producing. Results are objective driving teams to strategic alignment.

What does it measure?

Strategy Identification

On which strategies does the company need to focus on for the business to be successful?

Strategic Alignment

How well do people, culture, and jobs align with the demands of the strategies?

Organizational Readiness

Is the company ready to pursue its strategies, and what blind spots need to be addressed or monitored?

Why does it matter?

When leadership team members agree and align on strategy, they can drive toward common goals more efficiently. The PI Strategy Assessment is an integral part of the Design aptitude of the talent optimization discipline.

How does it help create a talent strategy?

The assessment confirms agreement on strategic priorities, identifies the strategy type, and ensures the right people are in place to succeed.

With Strategy Assessment data in hand, you have the blue print to create a talent strategy that bridges your business plan and results.

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