Succession Planning

Secure growth through succession planning

Set yourself up for continuous success by creating a succession game plan. Succession planning is a long-term protection for your company.

This is the last step in the PI Hire solution and this is where you make sure your employees are able to successfully drive your business strategy.

PI Job Assessment

Use the PI Job Assessment™ to identify what drives, behaviors and cognitive ability targets are needed for key roles.


Job Target

Identify employees who are a good match for these key positions by comparing the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™ results of employees with the Job Target™.

Strategy Insight charts

Leverage the Strategy Insights chart to secure you promote or hire the people who will be able to successfully drive your business strategy.

And, above all, create development plans for the employees you have identified and make sure you understand how they should be lead and engaged them to stay in the company.

For this, use Management Strategy Guide or any of the other guides available in the system.

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