Hire with better results

Add precision to your hiring process and attract the right candidates with The PI Hire solution. You can’t make a smart hire by only knowing what knowledge and experience the role requires. You need more precision than that.

PI Job Assessment

Use PI Job Assessment™ (PI JA) to identify what drives, behaviors and cognitive ability are needed in each specific role.


PI Job Target

The result of the PI JA is a Job Target™. Use descriptive key words from the Job Target report in the job ad to attract candidates not only with the right experience but with the drives and abilities needed to do the job successfully.

PI Assessments

Have candidates take the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™ showing the natural drives and cognitive ability of the individual.

PI Match Score

The candidates’ assessment results are compared to the Job Target, enabling you to identify future potential by understanding each candidate’s unique fit to the role.

PI Interview Guide

During the interview, use the objective tailor-made questions in the Interview Guides to probe into behavioral gaps between the candidate and the role.


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