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“We chose CFS mainly because it is a consultative way of selling with 5 clear and easy to understand steps.  CFS is a way of getting inside the customers world and selling from their perspective, something we often times forget about when selling off our own agenda.  In addition, this selling style is easy to use when coaching and developing our sales people.  CFS, with the excellent assistance and guidance from Predictio and Michael Kirk-Jensen, has allowed us to increase our revenue but more so become a part of our culture and everyday sales life.”

Ryan M. Wesselschmidt, Vice President Sales – EMEA and Asia Pacific – Husqvarna Construction Products

“Very inspiring! I want to hurry “home” and start implementing.”

Linda Johnson, HR specialist – Latour Industries AB

“It is a fantastic course I can highly recommend for all different types of development of people and teams.”

Zuzana Jancovicova, HR Business Partner – Husqvarna Division

“PI® is the right instrument for us in relation to recruitment and team development. We use PI within the PMC Group as a complement for discussions in all our recruitments. PI’s advantage is that it is quick and gives this extra input we need to confirm our view of the candidate at the interview. As an experienced PI analyst you can also give the candidate immediate feedback which is easy to relate to both for the candidates and the manager. We also use PI for team development where we look at the teams overall PI and the teams strengths and weaknesses as a whole. We also work with each specific persons PI  in order to identify where there are potentials for conflicts or for optimizing each team members strengths to get a better effect of the entire group.”

Fia Göransson, Vice President HR – PMC Group

“The Predictive Index® is being used more and more extensively within Atlas Copco internationally, as we gain experience and see how it strengthens our ability to enhance business results via an improved understanding of people’s underlying motivation factors.”

Nadim Penser, Vice President HR – Atlas Copco Rock Drills


“Thank you for two fantastic days! I was really surprised how deep the PI really was and I look forward to using it in my future recruitments.”

Cheri Heijkenskjöld – IKEA AB

“PI as a tool is very helpful to work with managers and their teams. PI as a recruitment tool is necessary!”

Paulina Kraćkowska – IKEA Business Service Center

“Knowing who you work with is extremely valuable. And giving managers the possibility to understand their co-workers is an added value for the company!”

Magdalena Kochanowicz – IKEA Business Service Center

“Fantastic training, full of “lightbulb moments” that will really be useful in all aspects of daily business. Absolutely would recommend every leader to attend.”

Megan Rodrigues – IKEA Wembley

“Brilliant, fast paced training which will allow me to work better with and understand my teams”

Georgina Cooper – IKEA Lakeside

“Very good and exciting course with a tremendously engaged and knowledgable trainer. I will use PI a lot in my work.”

Jennifer Lindberg, HR coordinator – NETTO

“To gain a deeper, more nuanced and constructive image of people and groups – use PI!”

Hanne Posselt, HR specialist – IKEA of Sweden

“In my constant strive to become a better leader for my employees, my insight and knowledge of PI will take both me and them to new levels.”

Helena Lyberg, Regional Manager – NETTO

“PI is a naturally integrated part of my work day.

My PI skills help me successfully adapt my oral as well as written communication. This has reduced misunderstandings to a minimum and helped me find ”short cuts” in my communication with my store managers and sales people.

We work closely in small groups, therefore the team composition is very important. I would even venture to say that the store managers’ understanding of our employees’ motivational drives is their most important asset.

In connection with recruitment interviews and development reviews, PI provides us with data that enable us to go beyond our gut feeling.

Daniel was Manager of the Year 2014 in the region Dalarna in Sweden.”

Daniel Erlandsson, VD – Din Elon Butik

Municipality & public sector

“I have thought about contacting you for a long time with some positive feedback, now I finally managed to do so! It is fun to have the chance to work with PI. Everyone who has received feedback from me have been positively surprised, because of how well the analysis matches their behaviour and how professional it is. It feels good to have the possibility to work with a tool that I can stand behind 100%, it is both useful and trustworthy.”

Johanna Purnell | HR consultant in Gislaveds township

Banking & finance

“PI is an essential part of our recruitment process. The last few years we have also discovered the other possibilities PI provides us with when it comes to teambuilding activities, setting up project management teams and as a support for our development talks.”

Fredrik Krüeger, Head of HR – IKANO Finance


“A great certification training that gave me valuable insights, tools and ideas that I can start using and implementing directly.”

Miriam Chakir, HR Manager – IKEA IT AB

“After using PI for many years, it is a given tool in Brings’ recruitment processes for HR and many managers. Now we are complementing PI (& PRO) with the interview tool CATIL to leverage our HR service centre and our recruiting managers to the next level.”

Janet Larsson, HR Service Centre – Bring Norden AB

“SVT has been using Predictive Index in almost all manager recruitments for over 10 years. PI has become a natural and recognized complement to the interviews for us in HR. We also use PI in team / group development. With PI the group gets a clearer picture of participants’ motivations, strengths and development areas. SVT has about ten PI analysts today and they are all very much in demand. It’s both fun and stimulating that the tool has had such a high impact in our organisation.”

Kickan Söderberg, HR Partner – SVT

“PI helps us ensure the quality of our internal processes: recruitment process, appraisals, professional development and team development. We use PI in different ways in our organization. It is used as an additional step in our recruitment process. After the first interview we ask candidates who proceed in the recruitment process to conduct a PI test, we then use the result as a basis for questions in the second interview. We look at the candidate’s strengths and motivational factors linked to our competence requirements for the professional role. PI is never used as a factor for rejecting a candidate. The interesting factor is the dialogue regarding how the candidate manages challenges at the workplace where his or her basic strengths and motivation is not enough.”

Viktoria Pussfält | Global Director, HR | Hyper Island