CASE STUDY: Din Elon Butik


Doubled revenue and low staff turnover with PI!


Din Elon Butik is Sweden’s largest privately-owned home electronics and appliances retailer consisting of 12 stores with 75 full-time employees. The organization’s CEO is Daniel Erlandsson.

When Daniel took over Din Elon Butik, it was a business that performed acceptably and that delivered positive results. Daniel felt it was a workplace where employees came to do their job and not much more. Some were missing the commitment and drive to do that little extra for the customers. Some stores also had problems cooperating and this was reflected in the stores’ results.

By implementing The Predictive Index in the organization, Daniel was able to understand his employees from a new point of view and adapt his leadership to motivate and drive sales to a new level.


The Predictive Index’s Behavioral Assessment gives Daniel an in-depth analytical understanding of his employees, their needs, and behaviors. In this way, he can better motivate and engage his employees, by understanding each individual’s drives and seeing them in relation to the store’s goals and strategies.

“PI gives us the opportunity to get data on emotions”.



In this way, employees can be coached in how to act towards the customer to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the stores. In accordance with the motto:

“Do not take care of your customers, take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.”

The Predictive Index is also used in recruitments where job targets based on the high-performing profiles in the organization are used. Differences between the job target and candidate provide insight into how candidates will need to be led and coached
for the best possible engagement,
results, and performance.


Understanding and paying attention to the needs of the individuals in Daniel’s organization has helped him, together with employees, to create incredible results.

The employees are engaged and committed and this is noticeable for thestores’ customers and in the organization’s results. In five years, Din Elon Butiks sales have increased from about 82 million to 200 million. In addition, Din Elon Butik now
has half as high staff
turnover as the average in Sweden.

Regardless of whether you are an existing customer today or a potential future client, reach out to us if you are curious to understand more about how you can inspire your people with help of people data!

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The Predictio Team