OPTIMA 2022 – The Predictive Index Annual Talent Optimization Conference!


Every year The Predictive Index hosts their annual Talent Optimization Conference, this year it takes place on April 12. Here you will learn from over 40 different speakers about hiring top talent, inspiring leaders, engaging employees, and how to strategically design winning teams.


Two of their keynote speakers include Aiko Bethea, an award-winning and highly sought-after equity consultant focusing on coaching Fortune top 100 leaders and teams, and James Clear, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Atomic Habits”. Together with many other inspiring leaders and panels they will share their experiences and engage in discussions about strategic management and HR.


The Predictio Team will of course attend this grand event and take part of all the exiting happenings. Follow us along during OPTIMA on our social media channels. Take part of our experience of the interesting topics the event will cover and join us in discussions where you can share your thoughts. Therefore, make sure to follow our LinkedIn company page and Instagram to follow along and experience OPTIMA together with us.

If you would like to attend OPTIMA, you can buy a ticket to the event either virtually or in person, by clicking here. You can see the whole agenda on the OPTIMA website.


Hope to share this experience with you!

Best regards,
The Predictio Team