Newsletter – News this fall


New annual PI Refresher Webinars on the 17th of November – Free

Many costumers have during the past year requested a PI Refresher session. Therefore, will we this year host two webinars where all of our customers will have the opportunity to attend one of the three-hour PI Refreshers and Q&A Webinar, free of charge. The sessions are designed to update your abilities and PI skills, to access the full potential of the PI System. Both webinars will be held in English. You can read more about this here.


Coming soon! – Integration with Teamtailor

Teamtailor is a very popular and user friendly recruitment system used to attract and manage job applicants in a simple way on their webpage. The integration enables PI- users with a Teamtailor-licens to send PI Behavioral and Cognitive Assessment. In Teamtailor you will be able to match the candidates with their PI Behavioral Assessment and get a quick overview of the result directly in Teamtailor. More information regarding this will come later this fall, but you can read more about Teamtailor on their webpage here.


High Performance Series – Discover your teamtype and design for strategic action to reach your teams goals.

High Performance Series is a new half-day team workshop, created to make any team reach peak performance. The workshop is divided into two parts; Discover your Teamtype and Design for strategic action. The series give you insides in how to create united teams that trust and support each other to reach their goals together. Read more about how this workshop can strengthen your team and register here.


New trainer in the Predictio team – Mike Hussey

We have a new member in the team, Mike Hussey will take on the role as Senior Associate. He has been a frequent user of PI for many years, including in Inter IKEA Group. Mike will now work to support Predictios customers with trainings and consultation. This to assure that our clients get the full use of the PI Systems value. He will primarily work with our English trainings and workshops.


Get started with Team Discovery today!

If you still have access to Team Discovery, will you find it under the Design menu in the PI system. If you are interested in trying the system before the trail period is over, this short introduction video can be helpful by providing a step-by-step overview guide of how to use it. (Log into PI Learn with the same login credentials as your PI account). If your trail period is over and you would like to get started with Team Discovery – contact us at


If you have any additional questions – do not hesitate to contact us!

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