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  • Develop your leadership

  • Recruitment/onboarding

  • Optimize sales performance


In the spring, we facilitated webinars to give you food for thought, tangible PI knowledge and tips that you can use directly in your work. The webinars were highly appreciated and well attended. More than 500 participants joined the webinars.

In October you will be able to attend three new webinars on leadership, how to onboard and retain remotely and sales development. The webinars are for both HR and managers. You do not have to be PI Certified to attend so please feel free to invite relevant colleagues.

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Webinar 1: Develop your own and others’ leadership with PI


Get inspired on how to develop your leadership and the leadership of your managers by increasing the awareness of how drives and needs affect interactions with others. We share actionable tips and discuss interesting cases.


Date and time

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Webinar 2: Recruiting, onboarding and retaining with PI in our current environment


Get tips on how to:

  • Identify, recruit and assess candidates
  • Create onboarding processes for co-workers working remotely
  • Use PI to secure better retention of co-workers through efficient communication and coaching on distance


Date and time

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Webinar 3: Improve your sales performance – learn from our best practice


We will show you how some of our clients have improved their overall sales performance and competitiveness by using Predictive Index and Customer Focused Selling. This webinar is for HR and Sales Management who would like to hear how you can increase your sales performance for higher growth.

Learn from our best practice:

  • Why some salespeople perform better than others
  • What an ideal salesperson profile could look like
  • How to increase sales competence and performance through a proven selling process


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