The PI Cognitive Assessment now certified by DNV-GL

When you use assessments, it is important to know that they are properly supported by science and that they are valid, reliable and fair.



DNV-GL, a European, independent quality assurance company that reviews and certifies occupational tests like the PI Cognitive Assessment has recently reviewed and certified the PI Cognitive Assessment.


EFPA Test Review Model

PI Cognitive was reviewed and certified by DNV-GL against the requirements in:

The EFPA Test Review Model NS – EN 45011 – (ISO/IEC)

(EFPA is The European Federation of Psychologists’ Association)


The PI Cognitive Assessment

The PI Cognitive Assessment is a measure of adult cognitive ability and is intended exclusively for use within occupational and organizational populations.


Is it valid, reliable and fair?

Yes, this certification, which is one of the most up to date and tough certifications on the market when it comes to evaluation of tests to be used in the work-place, concludes that the PI Cognitive Assessment is indeed well constructed, valid, reliable and fair.


Predicting future job performance

The PI Cognitive assessment measures the best documented psychological construct in psychology, namely the g-factor of intelligence and there is overwhelming scientific evidence to support the predictive power of the psychometric g. This means that a general cognitive assessment test like the PI Cognitive is one of the best tests, recruiters can use to help them predict future job performance for candidates and co-workers.


The PI Cognitive assessment is a simple, yet effective tool for predicting job performance

The PI Cognitive Assessment provides a single measure of general cognitive ability. General cognitive ability is described as an individual’s ability to adapt, solve problems, absorb, comprehend, and process complex information abilities.

Being able to absorb new information, adapt to changing situations, solve problems, and process complex information are aspects of practically any job. Performance within these areas and pace of learning are strongly associated with successful on-the-job performance. PI Cognitive Assessment provides recruiters with such valuable information about a person’s general cognitive ability.

At Predictio we are delighted that the PI Cognitive Assessment has also gotten this independent, international quality stamp that will provide our clients with extra confidence and security when using the assessment.
While the PI Cognitive Assessment was specifically certified in the Swedish market, the overall assessment was part of a rigorous audit providing evidence for its suitability as a hiring tool in any region.

Thanks to the awesome Predictive Index Science Team for their hard work and dedication in providing all the required documentation and information to the reviewers at DNV-GL.


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