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In these difficult Corona times, we would like to support our fantastic customers in every way we can. We have talked to a great number of our customers to find out what they find would help them the most right now. Based on these calls, we have created three short PI webinars on different subjects.

These webinars are free of charge and will be held in English in Microsoft Teams.

The webinars will give you food for thought and concrete PI knowledge and tips that you can use directly in your work. They are primarily for trained PI Practitioners but managers are also welcome. The webinar “Leading and engaging remotely with PI” is especially relevant to managers.


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Webinar 1: Leading and engaging remotely with PI

Leading teams remotely demands a different kind of interaction between the managers and their team members. It becomes even more important to understand the individual co-workers’ needs and for the manager to be able to adapt their communication and management style to these individual needs.

For example, should tasks to be delegated be thoroughly explained or would the co-worker prefer to get a quick brief and then take care of the rest without interference? Should the manager follow up closely on the team members? If yes, how often and in what way? Should it be via email or via a Zoom meeting starting with initial socializing?

During this webinar we will discuss…

  • The importance of looking at the whole person to be able to motivate and engage
  • Four factors that influence the co-worker’s engagement and performance
  • How to secure unity and trust remotely
  • Cases
    • 1-on-1 leadership: to adapt your communication and leadership style to the co-worker’s needs
    • Coaching of co-workers when jobs/responsibilities change
    • 1-to-many leadership: to understand the impact group dynamics have on engagement and performance
  • Simple and concrete tips on how PI can be used in your organisation


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Webinar 2: Introduction to PI Cognitive

Many years of research show that general cognitive ability is the single best predictor of future job performance. Being able to absorb new information, adapt to changing situations, solve problems, and process complex information are aspects of practically any job. Performance within these areas and pace of learning are strongly associated with successful on-the-job performance.

The PI Cognitive Assessment provides you with such valuable information about a person’s general cognitive ability. Learn how to use the PI Cognitive Assessment in your recruitment and promotion processes. PI Cognitive is available for you to use in the PI System.

During this webinar we will discuss…

  • What the PI Cognitive Assessment measures
  • How to interpret the result
  • When and where to use PI Cognitive
  • How to give feedback


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Webinar 3: The PI System – Tips and tricks

Get the most out of the PI System. Join this webinar to get a demo of the features and the guides available in the system. We will be looking at the Hire and the Inspire parts to cover both recruitment and engagement.

During this webinar we will discuss…

  • How the PI System can help you create job assessments, screen and find the most suitable candidates and how to on-board them
  • How to use the PI System to develop managers, co-workers and teams


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