Predictio highlights 2019

2019 was a great and rewarding year for us at Predictio and we are both grateful and proud of the confidence our clients have shown us this year. It’s great to see that working with PI has helped our clients’ leaders and HR sync their people strategy to their business strategy. At Predictio, we have had another record year with new clients and workshops compared to previous years! 

New functionality

This year the new PI System was launched with new and improved functionality that helps our clients motivate and engage employees and develop leaders. The recruitment functionality was also considerably upgraded and candidates’ driving forces and cognitive ability can now be readily compared with the requirements for a specific role.

Clients and Workshops

Never have so many leaders been trained in our leadership training (Managing People to Perform) and even the number of PI Practitioners trainings were all time high. It is great to see how both leaders and HR cooperate and work together with PI to achieve mutual goals for their organisations! Have a look on our LinkedIn to see pictures and updates from our different workshops.

In May, we had our first “focus day” for Swedish municipalities. We worked with PI and showed our clients from different municipalities in Sweden how they can attract and develop talents.

This fall we also introduced Talent Optimization to our Swedish based clients. We offered a full day where our clients got to work with different case studies which gave them useful insights on how they can, with the help of PI, work with Talent Optimization in their organization.

We welcomed several new Swedish clients this year, e.g. Pågen AB, Fitness 24 Seven, BAE Systems, Tidaholms Energi, Trelleborg Industri AB, Nordisk Wavin A/S, Unident AB, Brandkonsulten, Scandinavian Photo AB, VITA AS, Visiba Group AB och Læger uden grænser. We look forward to working with them in the new year.

Do you or your colleagues want to book a PI-training in during 2020? See our training dates here.

New office and new colleagues

Predictio office

In June, we moved to our fantastic new office in the city center of Copenhagen! Come and visit us at Ny Østergade 12 if you are in Copenhagen!

We also welcomed two new colleagues – Anne Wolf, Senior Associate, and Michaela Erlandsson who is our support and marketing assistant. Click here to see our whole team!

Outlook for 2020?

2020 will be at least as exciting as 2019! We will offer new important and strategic functionality in the PI platform as well as new trainings:

  • The PI Strategy Assessment to be used by management teams to evaluate and reach consensus on the organization’s strategy.
  • The PI Employee Experience Survey, an employee survey that measures engagement linked to four important factors – how employees rate their current role, their manager, team and the organizational culture.
  • In connection with the two new assessments, we will also offer new trainings for leaders in strategy development and engagement.
  • Our PI workshop (Becoming a PI Practitioner) will be updated with new content linked to talent optimization.

If you want to be among the first to receive information about these new assessments and workshops, please send us an email:

We look forward to presenting many more exciting news and other knowledge-enhancing material to you. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram for our latest news and updates from the office and workshops!

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We look forward to an exciting 2020 with our new and old clients both in Sweden and aboard!

We would like to thank all our clients and partners around the world for a fantastic year and wish you all Happy Holidays.

Alexandra, Anne, Dorte, Elin, Michael, Michaela & Patrik

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